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Past Sessions

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Mikheil Tushishvili on From Bangkok to Cancun: what are the impacts on the HCFC phase-out in developing countries?

From 12/16/2010 00:00 (GMT) to 12/25/2010 23:59 (GMT)
Sessions in English (preferred). Questions in Russian is also possible.
At the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, Mr. Tushishvili as the Head of Integrated Environmental Management Department is to supervise and coordinate the work of four divisions which are united under the departme...
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(*)The views expressed in this expert’s session do not represent the official position of the Government of Georgia.

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Sabine Saba on Mobile Air Conditioning: European experience in improving servicing practices

From 12/08/2010 00:00 (GMT) to 12/15/2010 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Ms. Sabine Saba is a project leader at the Center for Energy and Processes (CEP) of MINES ParisTech since 2005. The CEP is in charge of establishing refrigerant inventories used by the CITEPA (Centre Interprofessionnel Technique d’Études de la Pol...
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Shaofeng Hu on Policies for HCFC phase out: challenges in large and low volume consuming countries

From 11/29/2010 00:00 (GMT) to 12/07/2010 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Mr. Shaofeng Hu is working as a Network Coordinator for the Pacific Islands Country, and is also assisting in the implementation of the TPMP/NPP and HPMP development in the ROAP. He has been working in UNEP Ozonaction Programme since the end of ...
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Marios AVRAAMIDES on Curbing HFC emissions: a European perspective

From 11/17/2010 00:00 (GMT) to 11/23/2010 23:59 (GMT)
Sessions in English (preferred). Questions in French or Greek are also possible.
Marios Avraamides is a policy officer on climate change (fluorinated gases) and ozone layer protection at the European Commission since February 2007 (Directorate-General for Climate action and formerly in Directorate-General for the Environment)....
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(*)The views expressed1 in this expert’s session do not represent the official position of the European Commission.

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Fionnuala Walravens on HCFC Illegal Trade

From 11/08/2010 00:00 (GMT) to 11/13/2010 23:59 (GMT)
Session in English
Fionnuala is a campaigner for EIA’s Global Environmental Campaign. EIA has campaigned on issues surrounding ozone depleting substances for 11 years. Areas of focus include: illegal trade in ODS; the environmental impacts of ODS and their alternat...
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The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards the reduction of direct and indirect releases or emissions of ozone depleting substances (HCFCs) and greenhouse gases (HCFCs and HFCs) both through promotion of zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP) alternatives as well as promotion of best practices and better engineered and energy efficient technology.

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Infos on HFCs

HFCs are fluorocarbons, used as replacements to HCFCs. Their emissions are controlled under the Kyoto Protocol. HFCs are GHGs but do not deplete the ozone layer

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